Headcanon: Occurs when everyone has been freed from their infinite dreams and the Hokage’s and the Sage have left.

As I stated in my other headcanon, Naruto is so happy and relieved. Sakura thanks him for saving the world, probably commenting that being Hokage should be a piece of cake now. Naruto then pulls her into a bear like hug and swings around, saying that it wouldn’t have been possible without her too.

He tells her thanks, but then falls backwards as he passes out. Problem is, he still has a good hold of her and she goes falling down with him. The landing isn’t very graceful.

Sakura is on top of Naruto, calling him an idiot, but she’s also checking to make sure he was ok and tells everyone it’s just exhaustion.

In the middle of the moment when everything seems calm, Sasuke pulls out a kunai and throws it right at Naruto. But Kakashi was actually on high alert of Sasuke and throws his own kunai (or shuriken) to put Sasuke’s kunai off course.

Undeterred, Sasuke actually advances towards Naruto with a final chidori. His intentions are, of course, to rid the world of the bijuu, and I’m sure he’s noticed that Naruto is all chummy with them now, he’d be an obstacle to go through to get rid of them.

Before his chidori manages to strike him, Sakura actually gets a hit in first. Sakura is still hunched over Naruto, but she aims her fist right at him. While she doesn’t land a physical hit, the force of it is enough to injure Sasuke’s chidori arm and push him back.

When Sakura actually looks back up again, her seal is active again (only some of it) and she gives one of her rare glares and says, “Touch him and I’ll kill you myself.” (It’s not as if she hasn’t tried to kill him herself before, if she had to, I don’t think it’d be that hard for her to build up the will to try again, especially if he hurt/killed Naruto)

Sasuke says nothing, but then some shinobi move in front of Naruto and Sakura with their weapons drawn. All the K11 are mixed in there. The war was to protect Naruto and they intend to follow that through.

Just as the other shinobi appeared, Team Taka and Orochimaru appear by Sasuke’s side, probably telling him that they should leave, as they aren’t in the condition to fight all those people at that moment.

Finally Sasuke does leave, probably stealing one last glance at Naruto through the small gaps there are left in the people blockade. Everyone is relieved, some of the K11 probably comment how “That’s why he couldn’t be Hokage” or something like that.

They turn around to make sure everything is alright with Naruto… only to find that Sakura has also passed out on top of him. Despite knowing how they ended up in that position, it really looks like they purposely cuddled up, even though it’s not the case.


Later, Naruto wakes up in the hospital. He has lots of gifts and flowers. (maybe even a note from Ino thanking him for all the great business among them) Naruto is confused by what happened, but luckily, Sai is actually in the room and begins to fill him in (he had been reading a book)

Naruto is upset/shocked that Sasuke didn’t return with them, but Sai basically let’s Naruto have it, explaining that having a shaky alliance to fight the world’s doom does not mean Sasuke is just going to return to Konoha happily. Naruto looks a bit depressed (but determined) and then Sai continues with he can’t keep letting Sasuke hold him back, questioning how many opportunities has Naruto let pass by all because he feels responsible for Sasuke.

Naruto is about to argue back, but then the door suddenly opens and there is Sakura and Kakashi. (Yamato is probably still resting elsewhere) Sakura is surprised to see Naruto awake and quickly comes over to check him over. Naruto insists he’s find and squirms around and all, but Sakura quickly gets annoyed and punches him, “NO YOU WEREN’T!”

And once again, before Naruto manages to say anything or react much at all, Sakura hugs him and rests her cheek on his head.

"You weren’t."

"… Sorry Sakura-chan."

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